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3 international students
Photo: Karla Fritze

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Want to meet other students? Check out the MINTernational Discord server and introduce yourself briefly. You might already meet someone there who is starting to study at the University of Potsdam. Do you have questions about studying in Potsdam? Ask your questions there. In addition to their mails, the tutors will also answer your questions there on a regular basis.

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Your tutors

MINTernational Tutor

N.N. (mails are answered)

Tutor of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, esp. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Vivienne Wimmer

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Student

Tutor of the study program Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability

Johannes Wilk

Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability Student

Tutor of the Institute of Computer Science, esp. Data Science

Maria Alegre Moral

Data Science Student

Tutor of the Institute of Nutritional Science, esp. Toxicology

Olga Schlund

Toxicology Student