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Good Scientific Practice Panel

The Good Scientific Practice Panel (GSPP) of the Faculty of Science serves as a contact point for conflicts that may arise in the course of a doctoral thesis or during scientific work as a postdoc. Conflicts arise, for example, during supervision, on the subject of authorship (first author, co-author), or when applying for third-party funding. The visibility of your work is an important aspect. If you feel that your contribution is not being adequately appreciated, please contact your supervisor, second supervisor or mentor in the first place. If no agreement can be found there, you can contact the representatives of the GSPP for advice.

Authorships play an essential role in an academic career. The goal of the GSPP is to support and secure the authorships and scientific contributions of young researchers. To this end, the GSPP will in future develop a voluntary commitment based on the DFG guidelines on good scientific practice. The voluntary commitment is intended to supplement the provisions of the Supervision Agreement for doctoral students.

On January 13, 2021, the 15th Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science decided to establish the Good Scientific Practice Panel. At least one scientist per institute is to be recruited as representative for the panel. Please contact Dr. Susanne Hollmann if you are interested in a collaboration.

Representatives of the Good Scientific Practice Panel

Prof. Dr. Patrick O'Brien (Institute of Geosciences)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Taubert (Institute of Chemistry)
Prof. Dr. Regina Hoffmann-Vogel (Institut für Physik und Astronomie)
Prof. Dr. Torsten Schaub (Institut für Informatik und Computational Science)
Dr. Susanne Hollmann (Moderation, Contact: