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Nitrogen Glove Box System

  • preparation box with laminar flow including spin coater, hot plates, vacuum oven
  • evaporators (metals / metals&organics)
  • measurement setups:
    spectral quantum efficiencies (IPCE / EQE) of solar cells
    Newport solar simulator
    KP Technology SKP5050 Kelvin probe
    FET and conductivity measurement setup w/ Agilent SPA 4155C
  • independent preparation box for optional "contamintion" with oxygen and water for sample preparation including spin coater, hot plate [DFG SFB 951 HIOS & BMBF UNVEIL]
  • dry air glovebox for sample preparation including spin coater, hot plate, balance

Ambient Atmosphere Sample Preparation in “Clean Area”

  • Laminar Flow Workbench
  • Plasma Cleaner Tepla 200G
  • Ozone Cleaner FHR UVOH150 [BMBF NEMO]
  • Spin Coater Laurell WS-650Mz-23NPP

Transient & time resolved measurements

transient photoluminescence

  • Ti:sapphire laser system: Coherent Chameleon with SHG and pulse picker (350-1000 nm, approx. 150 fs)
  • Becker&Hickl PML-Spec (time resolution approx. 180 ps)
  • Becker&Hickl PMC-100 & PMS-400 (time resolution approx. 250 ns)

transient electroluminescence

  • function generator Agilent 33220A
  • home-build power amplifier and photon counter
  • oscilloscope Yokogawa DL9040

transient current / charge extraction measurements @ nanoseconds

  • Nd:YAG/OPO laser system Topag/Ekspla NT-242 (266 nm / 355 nm/ 410-2500 nm, approx. 6 ns) [EFRE-HIP 2009/2011]
  • Nd:YVO laser InnoLas picolo AOT 1 (1064 nm / 532 nm, approx. 0.6 ns)
  • home-built LED setups for background and white-light illumination
  • power supplies (e.g. Keithley SourceMeter 2400, Keithley Source Measure Unit 237)
  • arbitrary function generators and home-built power amplifiers
  • current amplifier Femto DHPCA-100
  • oscilloscope Yokogawa DL9140, Keysight DSO9054H
  • closed cycle helium cryostat ARS DE-202

Femtosecond transient optical and electrical measurements

[DFG INST 336/94-1 FUGG]

  • Ti:sapphire laser system Coherent Libra (800 nm) with OPerA (290 – 2600 nm), approx. 50 fs @ 1kHz, 4 mJ
  • Spectrometer system 290 – 1100 nm and 960 – 1600 nm w/ 500 Hz read-out
  • 10 ns optical delay stage
  • power supplies
  • arbitrary function generator Agilent 81150A
  • custom built power amplifiers
  • oscilloscope Agilent DSO9104H
  • closed cycle helium cryostat ARS DE-202

Steady State Spectroscopy

  • Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluorolog 3 fluorescence spectrometer
  • Agilent Cary 5000 UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer w/ integrating sphere
  • (Mini Raman Spectrometer)
  • stady state LED characterization: KonicaMinolta CS-2000 [BMBF NEMO]
  • integrating spheres for EL and PL quantum yield measurements: Gigahertz X4 system, Hamamatsu C9920 [BMBF NEMO]
  • CCD spectrometer: Shamrock 303i / Andor iDus DU420A BR-DD & A-DU491A-1.7 [EFRE-HIP 2013/2014]
  • Electroabsorption setup (homebuilt) [EFRE-HIP 2013/2015]
  • LED lifetime measurements: BoTest OLT [BMBF NEMO]

Microscopy and Surface Characterization

  • Olympus Fluorescence Microscope
  • Scanning Force Microscope NT-MDT SolverPro [EFRE-HIP 2010]
  • Scanning Electron Microscope ZEISS Ultra plus [DFG  INST 336/72-1 LAGG]
  • Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope Nanonics MultiView 2000 [DFG INST336/57-FUGG]
  • Surface Profilometer Dektak XT [EFRE InfraFEI 2018/2019]