Camilla Wanckel



Campus Griebnitzsee
University of Potsdam
Chair for German Politics and
August-Bebel-Straße 89
14482 Potsdam

Universitätskomplex III/1
House 7 - Room 2.40
D-14482 Potsdam

Camilla Wankel
Photo: Camilla Wankel

Short biography


Camilla Wanckel studied Political Science and Public Administration as well as Economics at the University of Potsdam and the University of New South Wales in Sydney from 2012 to 2015. Thereafter, she completed her Master’s degree in Politics and Public Administration with a specialisation in Management and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz. During her studies, she worked as a research assistant at the chair for Political Science, Administration and Organization at the University of Potsdam and the Chair for Organisational Studies at the University of Konstanz. Since April 2018, she is a research fellow and doctoral student in the TROPICO-project (Transforming into Open, Innovative and Collaborative Governments).

Camilla Wankel
Photo: Camilla Wankel


Camilla Wanckel studies the effect of information and communication technologies (ICT) on the policy-making process inside governments. Moreover, her research interests include the organization of governments and administrative systems, the digitization of the public sector, behavioral public administration and public policy.