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Media contributions


Media contributions on the topic "AfD representative calls for the abolition of the party state"

Fabian Schuppert commented on the topic "AfD representative calls for the abolition of the party state" on 01.02.24 on rbb (Brandenburg Aktuell) and on 03.02.24 on heute Sendung/heute journal.


Podcast episode "Socialist Tokens: There would be no taxes under socialism" with Philipp Dapprich

Philipp Dapprich was a guest on the podcast "The Blockchain Socialist", a podcast that deals with the intersection of blockchain and left-wing politics. The conversation is about a socialist interest in economic planning and the ideas that Jan Philipp Dapprich presented in this context in his paper "Tokens make the world go round: socialist tokens as an alternative to money"(2022) on socialist "tokens". 

You can find the podcast at this link.

Comment "Stop calling people 'climate refugees'"

Kalia R. Barkai published a comment piece titled "Stop calling people 'climate refugees'" on the online news site Climate Home News on 11.09.23.

Article "Klimawende für Millionen" in the university magazine "Portal Wissen - Eins 2023 "Lernen""

In the article "Klimawende für Millionen - Forschende untersuchen, welche Verwaltungsstrukturen Metropolen brauchen und wie Beteiligungsformate erfolgreich sein können" published on 31.08.2023 in the university magazine of the University of Potsdam "Portal Wissen - Eins 2023 "Lernen", Matthias Zimmermann reports on the research project by Janina Walkenhorst, Fabian Schuppert, Sabine Kuhlmann, Franziska Oehlert and Tomas Vellani "Climate Policy Governance from a City-Comparative Perspective: Identifying legitimate and successful Climate policy processes for metropolitan areas".