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Profilbild Professor Dr. Fabian Schuppert
Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

Prof. Dr. Fabian Schuppert

Contact and Office Hours

Please register for the office hours via email: Sabine.Eichler(at)

Contact: Campus Griebnitzsee, Building 1, Room 1.36;


Academic Career

  • Since January 1, 2020 Professor for Political Theory, University of Potsdam
  • 2016-2019 Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Political Theory and Philosophy, Queen's University Belfast
  • 2013-2016 Research Fellow at the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities, Queen's University Belfast
  • 2010-2013 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ethik Zentrum of the University Zürich

Research Fields

  • Republicanism
  • Social egalitarianism, social inequality
  • Climate justice
  • The ethics of risk, especially the handling of systemic risks
  • Territorial rights and natural resources
  • Alternative models of political economy, post-capitalism
  • Structural injustice; decolonialism
  • Political and economic institutions
  • The history of ideas, especially the 18th Century

Publications (Excerpt)

1.) Monographs:

Fabian Schuppert: Freedom, Recognition & Non-Domination: A Republican Theory of (Global) Justice. Dordrecht:  Springer (2013).

2.) Anthologies:

Carina Fourie, Fabian Schuppert and Ivo Wallimann-Helmer (eds.): Social Equality: Essays on What it Means to Be Equals. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2015).

3.) Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

LoCoco, Laura und Fabian Schuppert: 'Attachment, Sustainability, and Control over Natural Resources', Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric 13 (2021): 50-66.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Zur Auferlegung systemischer Finanzrisiken', Zeitschrift für Politische Theorie (2021), accepted for publication.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Secular republicanism? An analysis of the prospects and limits of Laborde’s republican account of religion', Ethnicities 17 (2017): 172-188.

Fabian Schuppert and Christian Seidel: 'Feasibility, normative heuristics and the proper place of historical responsibility – a reply to Ohndorf et al. ', Climatic Change 140 (2017): 101-107.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Zur Ethik (intergenerationeller) Risikoauferlegung', Jahrbuch für Wissenschaft & Ethik 21 (2017): 171-196.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Carbon Sink Conservation and Global Justice: Benefitting, Free Riding and Non-Compliance', Res Publica 22 (2016): 99-116.

Harald Stelzer and Fabian Schuppert: 'How much risk ought we to take? Exploring the possibilities of risk-sensitive consequentialism in the context of climate engineering', Environmental Values 25 (2016): 69-90.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Non-Domination, Non-Alienation and Social Equality: Towards a Republican Understanding of Equality', Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 18 (2015): 440-455.

Fabian Schuppert and Christian Seidel: 'Justice through Equality? An Ethical Analysis of the WBGU Budget Approach', Climatic Change 133 (2015): 397-406.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Beyond the National Resource Privilege: towards an International Court of the Environment', International Theory 6 (2014): 68-97.

Fabian Schuppert and Ivo Wallimann-Helmer: 'Environmental Inequalities and Democratic Citizenship: Linking Normative Theory with Empirical Research', Analyse & Kritik 36 (2014): 345-366.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Suffering from Social Inequality. Normative Implications of Recent Empirical Findings on the Negative Effects of Social Inequality', Philosophical Topics 40 (2013): 97 - 115.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Discursive Control, Non-Domination and Hegelian Recognition Theory: Marrying Pettit’s Account(s) of Freedom with a Pippinian/Brandomian Reading of Hegelian Agency', Philosophy & Social Criticism 39 (2013): 893-905.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Distinguishing Basic Needs and Fundamental Interests', Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 16 (2013), pp. 24-44.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Reconsidering Resource Rights: The Case for a Basic Right to the Benefits of Life-Sustaining Ecosystem Services', Journal of Global Ethics 8 (2012), pp. 215-225.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Climate Change Mitigation and Intergenerational Justice', Environmental Politics 20 (2011), pp. 303-331.

4.) Peer-Reviewed Anthology Contributions:

Fabian Schuppert: ' Making the Great Climate Transition: Between Justice and Feasibility', In Sarah Kenehan and Corey Katz: Climate Justice and Feasibility. In press.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Epistemische Ungleichheiten als Problem von sozialer Gleichheit', in Peter Weingart, Gunnar Folke Schuppert und Roland Römhildt (Hg.): Herrschaft und Wissen. Nomos. In press.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Being equals: Analyzing the nature of social egalitarian relationships', Social Equality ed. by Carina Fourie, Fabian Schuppert and Ivo Wallimann-Helmer, Oxford University Press (2015), pp. 141-158.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Collective Agency and Global Non-Domination: A Defence of Strong Cosmopolitanism', Cosmopolitanism: For and Against, ed. by Gillian Brock, Oxford University Press (2013), pp. 255-271.

Fabian Schuppert: 'Taloudellista kasvua ja lisää työpaikkoja kestävän kehityksen avulla – pelkkää EU-retoriikkaa vai tie vihreämmille laitumille? (Nachhaltigkeit und Wachstum: Realisierbares Ideal oder leere EU-Rhetorik? , Euroopasta Ei Mitään Uutta (No News from Europe), ed. by Hanna Kuusela and Otto Bruun, Helsinki University Press (2009), pp. 141-158.

Profilbild Professor Dr. Fabian Schuppert
Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten