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Dr. Juliane Helm

Dr. Juliane Helm is standing in front of spring blossoms
Photo: Thomas Bringhenti


University of Potsdam

Biodiversity Research /Systematic Botany

Maulbeerallee 2a. R. 1.06

14469 Potsdam


Phone: 0049 (0)331 / 977-1939





Dr. Juliane Helm is standing in front of spring blossoms
Photo: Thomas Bringhenti

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Current Project

GreenGaDe - Greenhouse Gas Determination in West Africa’s Agricultural Landscapes


As a project coordinator of the GreenGaDe project, I support the overall coordination and management of the project, including administrative tasks, data management, external communication and internal (scientific) communication within the project consortium.



Research Interests

  • Tree physiology
  • Forests and climate change
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Carbon dynamics in trees



Education and Experience

Since 2024 Project coordinator, Biodiversity Research/Systematic Botany, University of Potsdam

2018 – 2023 PhD Student, University Basel (Switzerland) and Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena (Germany), thesis: “From theory to methods and applications – for a better understanding of stem respiration and carbon dynamics in mature trees”

2017 Environmental lab services, Eurofins Agroscience Services Jena (Germany)

2014 Research stay, Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Science, Plant Physiology Group, Groningen (Netherlands)

2013 – 2016 Master of Science, Evolution, Ecology and Systematics, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Germany)

2010 – 2013 Bachelor of Science, Biology, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Germany)





Salomón, R. L.; Helm, J.; Gessler, A.; Grams, T. E. E.; Hilman, B.; Muhr, J.; Steppe, K.; Wittmann, C.; Hartmann, H.: The quandary of sources and sinks of CO2 efflux in tree stems - new insights and future directions. Tree Physiology 44 (1), (2024),


Helm, J.; Muhr, J.; Hilman, B.; Kahmen, A.; Schulze, E. D.; Trumbore, S. E.; Herrera-Ramirez, D.; Hartmann, H.: Carbon dynamics in long-term starving poplar trees—the importance of older carbohydrates and a shift to lipids during survival. Tree Physiology (2023),


Helm, J.; Salomón, R. L.; Hilman, B.; Muhr, J.; Knohl, A.; Steppe, K.; Gibon, Y.; Cassan, C.; Hartmann, H.: Differences between tree stem CO2 efflux and O2 influx rates cannot be explained by internal CO2 transport or storage in large beech trees. Plant, Cell and Environment 46 (9), pp. 2680 - 2693 (2023),


Helm, J.; Hartmann, H.; Göbel, M.; Hilman, B.; Herrera, D. A.; Muhr, J.: Low-cost chamber design for simultaneous CO2 and O2 flux measurements between tree stems and the atmosphere. Tree Physiology 41 (9), pp. 1767 - 1780 (2021),

Hilman, B.; Muhr, J.; Helm, J.; Kuhlmann, I.; Schulze, E. D.; Trumbore, S. E.: The size and the age of the metabolically active carbon in tree roots. Plant, Cell and Environment 44 (8), pp. 2522 - 2535 (2021),


Helm, J.; Dutoit, T.; Saatkamp, A.; Bucher, S. F.; Leiterer, M.; Römermann, C.: Recovery of mediterranean steppe vegetation after cultivation: Legacy effects on plant composition, soil properties and functional traits. Applied Vegetation Science 22 (1), pp. 71 - 84 (2019),