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Publications 2024

A – Publications in Journals ranked in the ISI Web of Science


  • Salomón, R. L.; Helm, J.; Gessler, A.; Grams, T. E. E.; Hilman, B.; Muhr, J.; Steppe, K.; Wittmann, C.; Hartmann, H.: The quandary of sources and sinks of CO2 efflux in tree stems - new insights and future directions. Tree Physiology 44 (1), (2024),
  • Helm, J.; Muhr, J.; Hilman, B.; Kahmen, A.; Schulze, E. D.; Trumbore, S. E.; Herrera-Ramirez, D.; Hartmann, H.: Carbon dynamics in long-term starving poplar trees—the importance of older carbohydrates and a shift to lipids during survival. Tree Physiology (2023),
  • Helm, J.; Salomón, R. L.; Hilman, B.; Muhr, J.; Knohl, A.; Steppe, K.; Gibon, Y.; Cassan, C.; Hartmann, H.: Differences between tree stem CO2 efflux and O2 influx rates cannot be explained by internal CO2 transport or storage in large beech trees. Plant, Cell and Environment 46 (9), pp. 2680 - 2693 (2023),
  • Herkenrath T, Blaum N, Roth J, Shilula K & Geissler K (2024). Hungry herbivores and thirsty plants: Browsing wildlife shape savanna tree transpiration independently of water use strategies. Functional Ecology.
  • Jaciara de Andrade, F.:  Oliveira Latini, A.; Stein, K.; Aparecido Barbosa, M.; Soares Santos Araújo, G.; Pimenta Pereira, A.C. (2024) Enhancing
    rice yield in paddy fields through beneficial organisms, Journal for Nature Conservation,Volume 77,126544,
    ISSN 1617-1381,
  • Njomaba, E., Ofori, JN, Guuroh, RT, Aikins, BE, Nagbija, RK, & Surový, P. (2024). Assessing Forest Species Diversity in Ghana's Tropical Forest Using PlanetScope Data. Remote Sensing, 16(3), 463.
  • Zimmer, K., Amputu, V., Schwarz, L.-M., Linstädter, A., Sandhage-Hofmann, A. (2024). Soil characteristics within vegetation patches are sensitive indicators of savanna rangeland degradation in central Namibia, Geoderma Regional, 36, e00771,








B – Other Publications


  • Geissler K, Blaum, N., von Maltitz, GP., Smith, T., Bookhagen, B., Wanke, H., Hipondoka, M., Hamunyelae, E., Lohmann, D., Lüdtke, DU., Mbidzo, M., Rauchecker, M., Hering, R., Irob, K., Tietjen, B., Marquart, A., Skhosana, FV., Herkenrath, T., Uugulu, S (2024). Biodiversity and ecosystem functions in Southern African savanna rangelands: threats, impacts and solutions. In: von Maltitz G, Midgley GF, Veitch J, Brümmer C, Rötte R, Viehberg F, Veste M (eds). Sustainability of Southern African Ecosystems under Global Change, Ecological Studies, Vol 248, Springer Cham, p. 407–438.