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Hiba El Hjajbi - PhD Candidate

Hiba El Hjajbi
Photo: L. Raatz


University of Potsdam

Biodiversity Research/Systematic Botany
Maulbeerallee 1, R. 2.08
14469 Potsdam, Germany

phone: 0049 (0)331 / 977-190681



Hiba El Hjajbi
Photo: L. Raatz

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Current Project

- Genomic and functional underpinning of reaction norms across environmental gradient – it is a project funded by the UFS ‘evolutionary systems biology’ along with different universities and institutions to study Phenotypic plasticity in plants –Mechanisms, constraints and evolution. The project aims to study the phenotypic plasticity of various populations of the model plant Arabidopsis Thaliana under environmental stress and to find the genetic basis of the dissimilarities and distinct responses shown in their reaction norms.



Research Interests

  • Plant resources and Agrobiodiversity
  • Biotechnologies applied to plant breeding
  • Technologies and management of the seed sector
  • Ecology and Management of Natural Ecosystems
  • Management of natural resources and biodiversity.



Education and Experience


Since 2021 PhD candidate at University of Potsdam under Prof. Linstädter and Prof. Lenhard

2020 – 2021 Research assistant at ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in the DryAreas), Morocco

2018 – 2020 MSc in Genetics, seeds and plant production at The agronomic and veterinary institute Hassan II, Morocco (CONTRIBUTION TO THE PREDICTION OF MORPHOMETRIC CHARACTERISTICS OF A COLLECTION OF BARLEY USING MOLECULAR MARKERS)

2015 – 2018 BA in Production, Protection and Plant Biotechnologies, at The agronomic and veterinary institute Hassan II, Morocco