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James Ofori - PhD Candidate

James Ofori
Photo: James Ofori


University of Potsdam

Biodiversity Research /Systematic Botany

Maulbeerallee 1. R. 2.11

14469 Potsdam


phone: 0049 (0)331/ 977-4869




James Ofori
Photo: James Ofori

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Skype: live:jamesofori447

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Current Project

I am currently doing my Ph.D. within the  GreenGaDe Project in West Africa. Within the interdisciplinary project, my research is focused on carbon pool dynamics in the West African landscape. This is explored by disentangling the combined interactive effect of climate change and land-use change on biodiversity and carbon pools in West African woodlands.



Research Interests

  • Carbon storage in Forest ecosystems
  • Climate change and land-use change effect on forest and carbon pools
  • Functional trait ecology in Forest ecosystems
  • Plant functional diversity and ecosystem services
  • Forest ecology, management and restoration





Since 2021:  Ph.D. candidate at the University of Potsdam

2018 – 2020: M.Sc. degree in Forest and Nature Conservation, Wageningen University and Research

2013 – 2017: BSc degree in Natural resources Management (Forestry)





  • Njomaba, E., Ofori, JN, Guuroh, RT, Aikins, BE, Nagbija, RK, & Surový, P. (2024). Assessing Forest Species Diversity in Ghana's Tropical Forest Using PlanetScope Data. Remote Sensing, 16(3), 463.
  • Elisha, N., Ofori, J. N., Aikins, B. E., & Adzraku, G. (2021). Mapping Perennial Crops in Africa: A Case Study of Oil Palm in Ghana. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International 25(5):1-20.
  • Wanders T.H.V., Ofori J.N., Amoako A., Fourie W. A., Postuma M., Wagemaker C.A.M., Veenendaal E.M., Vergeer P., Teak genetic diversity in Ghana shows a narrow base for further breeding and a need for improved international collaboration for provenance exchange.
  • J. N. Ofori, E. Njomaba, E. Donkoh, “Assessment of Forage Species on Community Rangelands, A Case Study in Tolon District, Ghana” International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) vol.8 issue 1, pp. 142-150 January 2021
  • Bisilki, V., Dzomeku, I. K., Kugbe, J. X., Dogbe, W., Ofori, J. N., & Njomaba, E. (2021). Response of Rice to Sulfur and Zinc Applications Under Fallowed and Continuously Cropped Soils in Northern Ghana. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 33(3), 1-20.
  • J. N. Ofori, N. A. Ohemeng-Agyei, E. Njomaba, “Impact of Climate Change on Ecotourism for Wildlife Conservation, A Case Study At Aburi Botanical Gardens, Ghana” International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) vol.8 issue 1, pp.133-141 January 2021
  • E. Njomaba, J. N Ofori, B.E. Aikins D. A. A Nyame, “Flood Risk Mapping and its Effects on livelihood in Ghana using Sentinel-1 data. A case study of Accra” International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) vol.8 issue 1, pp.214-222 January 2021