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Publications 2021

  • Bradshaw, M.; Braun, U.; Götz, M.; Takamatsu, S.; Brand, T.; Cabrera, M. G.; Dirchwolf, P.; Kummer, V.; Medina, R.; Moparthi, S.; Salcedo-Sarmiento, S. (2021): Contributions to the knowledge of the phylogeny and taxonomy of the Erysiphaceae (powdery mildews) – part 1.- Sydowia 73: 89-112.
  • Eckert, S., Herden, J., Stift, M., Joshi, J., & van Kleunen, M. (2021). Manipulation of cytosine methylation does not remove latitudinal clines in two invasive goldenrod species in Central Europe. Molecular Ecology30(1), 222-236.
  • Elisha, N., Ofori, J. N., Aikins, B. E., & Adzraku, G. (2021). Mapping Perennial Crops in Africa: A Case Study of Oil Palm in Ghana. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International 25(5):1-20.
  • Ferner, J., Linstädter, A., Rogass, C., Südekum, K.H., Schmidtlein, S. (2021) Towards Forage Resource Monitoring in subtropical Savanna Grasslands: Going multispectral or hyperspectral? European Journal of Remote Sensing 54, 364-384. DOI: 10.1080/22797254.2021.1934556. Available at: URL
  • Kahl, S. M., Kappel, C., Joshi, J., & Lenhard, M. (2021). Phylogeography of a widely distributed plant species reveals cryptic genetic lineages with parallel phenotypic responses to warming and drought conditions. Ecology and Evolution, 11(20), 2045–7758. Available at
  • Kruse, J.; Thiel, H.; Graebner, H.; Krisai-Greilhuber, I.; Nartschick, A.; Sothmann, B.; Wehr, K. & Kummer, V. (2021): Bemerkenswerte Funde phytoparasitischer Kleinpilze (15). – Zeitschrift für Mykologie 87: 51-109.
  • Kruse, J.; Thiel, H.; Braun, U.; Klenke, F.; Schreier, S. & Kummer, V. (2021): Bemerkenswerte Funde phytoparasitischer Kleinpilze (16). – Zeitschrift für Mykologie 87: 229-329.
  • López-Sánchez, A., Bareth, G., Bolten, A., Rose, L.E., Mansfeldt, T., Sapp, M., Linstädter, A. (2021) Effects of declining oak vitality on ecosystem multifunctionality: Lessons from a Spanish oak woodland. Forest Ecology and Management 484, 118927. DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2021.118927Available at: URL.
  • Lozada-Gobilard, S., Schwarzer, C., Dyer, R., Tiedemann, R., & Joshi, J. (2021). Genetic diversity and connectivity in plant species differing in clonality and dispersal mechanisms in wetland island habitats. Journal of Heredity112(1), 108-121.
  • Ouédraogo, K., Zaré, A., Korbéogo, G., Ouédraogo, O., Linstädter, A. (2021) Resilience strategies of West African pastoralists in response to scarce forage resources. Pastoralism 11, 1-14. Available at:
  • Raatz, L., Pirhofer Walzl, K., Müller, M. E., Scherber, C., Joshi, J. (2021). Who is the culprit: Is pest infestation responsible for crop yield losses close to semi-natural habitats? Ecology and evolution, 11(19), 13232-13246. Available at:
  • Raatz, L. (2021). Boon and Bane – How semi-natural habitats shape biodiversity-driven ecosystem (dis)services in agricultural landscapes. Dissertation at University of Potsdam. Available at:
  • Reckling, M., Ahrends, H., Chen, T.-W., Eugster, W., Hadasch, S., Knapp, S., Laidig, F., Linstädter, A., Macholdt, J., Piepho, H.-P., Schiffers, K., Döring, T.F. (2021) Methods of yield stability analysis in long-term field experiments. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development 41, 27. DOI: 10.1007/s13593-021-00681-4 Available at: URL
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  • Sandhage-Hofmann, A., Linstädter, A., Kindermann, L., Angombe, S., Amelung, W. (2021). Conservation with elevated elephant densities sequesters carbon in soils despite losses of woody biomass. Global Change Biology 27, 4601-4614. Available at: