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Biodiversity Research / Systematic Botany

Our Working Group
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Our Potsdam working group (Not pictured: Katja Geißler, Jennifer Kaminski, James Ofori)


Welcome to the working group of Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter



Upcoming Oberseminar:

"Effect of land-use change and climate change on the structure and diversity of woody vegetation: lessons from West Africa’s woodlands"

&" Der Einfluss von Deckwerksentfernungen auf Parameter des bodennahen Mikroklimas und Vegetationseigenschaften an Ufern der Unteren Havelniederung"

&"The flora of the home gardens in the north of Potsdam - a biodiversity comparison of different age structures" 


presented by Maximus Anochirim (Msc), Lennard Wummel (BSc ) & Adrian Dingler(BSc ) 27 May 2024




Upcoming Saturday Excursion: 

Auenwald und Auenwaldrenaturierung in Elb- und Havelaue

lead by K. Geißler,  25 May 2024

(Full Day Excursion)




March 2024: NamTip researchers complete a successful fieldwork campaign in Namibia

NamTip researchers visited the study sites and collected data as part of the main fieldwork campaign of NamTip’s second phase.

the coordinators standing in front of tropical plants

March 2024: New project coordinators for the GreenGaDe project

We are happy to welcome two new project coordinators for the GreenGaDe project to our working group.

April 2024: One degree Celsius warmer means that tulips will flower one week earlier

During the past two years, the phenology of herbaceous plants has been monitored within a citizen science project called “Plant Climate Culture!


For more news from our working group please check out our News page.


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We investigate biodiversity

across various scales and habitats,

with special focus on plant and fungal taxa.

Logo workgroup Biodiversity Research and Systematic Botany
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