Liana Kindermann - PhD Student

Liana Kindermann
Photo: Liana Kindermann


1st Affiliation:

CRC 'Future Rural Africa: Future-making and social-ecological transformation'
Project A01: Future Carbon Storage
INRES - Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation

University of Bonn


53115 Bonn





2nd Affiliation:

University of Potsdam

Biodiversity Research / Systematic Botany Group

Maulbeerallee 1

14469 Potsdam, Germany



Liana Kindermann
Photo: Liana Kindermann

Research Interests

Current Projects

I am currently doing my PhD within the DFG funded collaborative research centre Future Rural Africa, project A01: Future Carbon Storage. Within that interdisciplinary project, my work in Namibia will be focused on vegetation surveys which aim to determine synergies and trade-offs along the conservation and intensification pathways of rural future-making, carbon storage in trees, and effects of trophic rewilding on plant communities. I recently took part in the in the BMBF funded research program Limpopo Living Landscapes (LLL), Republic of South Africa. I am also involved in our working group's activities at Global Change Experimental Facility (GCEF).

Poster Thesis Project


Research Interests

I am interested in the manifold impacts of global climate change on ecosystem functions and services. Among others, I am focusing on ecosystem services like fodder production and biodiversity in rangelands as well as other land use types. As functional and structural diversity is a key feature for plant communities' ability to withstand or adapt to climate change, I am especially interested in those and how shifts at a functional trait level will influence ecosystem services, and therefore livelihoods, in the future.
My focus is now also shifting towards carbon cycling, future making, land-transformation, social-ecological change, and social-ecological coupling mechanisms.




since 04/2017  PhD student for vegetation ecology

2016 - 2017  Master Thesis: 'Der Einfluss des Klimawandels auf Grünländer in Mitteleuropa' (Engl. Title: The Impact of Global Climate Change on Middle European Grasslands)

2009 - 2016  Staatsexamen/State Examination (level of a Master's degree) for Biology, History and Educational Sciences, University of Cologne

2007 - 2009  Studies in Biology, University of Cologne

Professional experience

Since 2018 Doctoral Researcher within Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) Future Rural Africa, INRES - Institute for Crop Science and Ressource Conservation, University of Bonn

2017 - 2018 Research Assistant at TROPAGS, University of Göttingen

2017  Vegetation survey in UNESCO Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, Limpopo Province, Republic of South Africa

2017  Vegetation survey within the Biodesert collaborative research project, Limpopo Province, Republic of South Africa

2016 - 2017  Leading several excursions with students to Global Change Experimental Facility (GCEF)

2015 - 2016  Research assistance in field trips to Global Change Experimental Facility (GCEF)

2013 - 2016  Student research assistant (intermittently) in project C01 (History) of Resilience, Collapse and Reorganisation (RCR), Anglo-American Department, Historical Institute, University of Cologne

2008 - 2014  Student assistant (intermittently) at Zoological and Botanical Institutes, University of Cologne


2017  Merensky Scholarship at Hans Merensky Stipendien Stiftung