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One degree Celsius warmer means that tulips will flower one week earlier: First results from a citizen science project on plant phenology in the Botanical Garden

During the past two years, the phenology of herbaceous plants has been monitored within a citizen science project called “Plant Climate Culture!

After two years, the final event of the citizen science project “Plant Climate Culture!” took place at the Botanical Garden in Berlin. More than 100 citizen scientists and researchers came together to celebrate the successful completion of the project and to discuss initial results. For example, wild tulips (Tulipa sylvestris) were found to start their flowering period one week earlier when the air temperature was increased by one degree Celsius. Moreover, the cooling effect of green spaces was also observable in plant phenology, reaffirming their important role for climate resilience.

But what will happen now in Potsdam? The model bed in the Botanical Garden Potsdam will remain in place, continue to invite visitors and will be further monitored weekly, with data contributed to the PhenObs research project . The monitoring project is also part of the open-air exhibition on climate change in the Sanssouci Cultural Heritage Park "Re:Generation", which can be visited from 27 April to 31 October 2024.