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News from the University of Potsdam

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Studierende auf dem Innenhof von Haus 8 Am Neuen Palais

Education for Sustainable Development – International Summer School for Future Teachers

The international Summer School “Teaching the SDGs - Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship,” which will take place from August... more
Prof. Dr. Annette Gerstenberg | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

“The Sound of a Generation” – Professor for Romance Linguistics Annette Gerstenberg analyzes language in old age.

Annette Gerstenberg has an unusual hobby. She is interested in language. As a professor of Romance linguistics for French and Italian at the... more
Prof. Marie Schröer | Photo: Thomas Roese

The Core of Things – Comics, art, and culinary studies: Junior Professor for Cultural Semiotics and Cultures of Romance Countries Marie Schröer interprets the signs of the times

She is the daughter of a French mother: Little Nicolas, Tintin, Asterix and Obelix walked through the picture stories of her childhood. Growing up in... more
David Chemeta researches the self-image of a generation with foreign roots – based on rap song lyrics | Photo: AdobeStock/paul

From the Margins to the Mainstream – David Chemeta researches the self-image of a generation with foreign roots – based on rap song lyrics

David Chemeta analyzes song lyrics to better understand the lifeworlds of young people with foreign roots. In particular, he is interested in how... more
Prof. Dr. Eva Kimminich. Photo: Thomas Roese.

Researching with All Senses – Eva Kimminich on rap, flow, and filter bubbles

The powerful and the marginalized, the masses and the elites, pop culture and high culture: Eva Kimminich is interested in cultural contrasts. As a... more
Gruppe von jungen Menschen im Kreis, in der einer in der Mitte tanzt.

„HollyHood. Hip Hop & Social Justice“ – Studentisches Filmfestival vom 7. bis 12. März im Filmmuseum

Hip Hop und soziale Gerechtigkeit stehen im Mittelpunkt des Filmfestivals „HollyHood“, das vom 7. bis 12. März im Filmmuseum Potsdam stattfindet.... more
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. Picture: Karla Fritze

Literature As Nourishment – Research on a New Spatial Understanding of the Holocaust

Trauma and space – literary scholar and philosopher Judith Kasper brings these two terms together in a research project funded by the DFG about the... more
Pic: Kerstin Littke

Caribbean Kaleidoscope

The Fascination of Moving Non-Centers
The Caribbean? Gorgeous. Who has not envisioned himself/herself lying in a hammock under palm trees at the ocean watching the sunset? Who has not... more