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Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Network

Netzwerk Interdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien
Photo: @afg (2020)

Gender studies are anchored at the University of Potsdam in various ways. Academic staff and professors at almost all faculties deal with questions of gender, ethnicity and social origin.

The additional certificate “Interdisciplinary Gender Studies” and the award for above-average theses in the field of gender and difference (only available in German) have existed for many years.
This shows that gender studies not only deal with the relationship between the sexes, but also deal with diverse topics such as education, migration and social origin, colonial history, religion, education and care, art and literature, with questions of technological development, gainful employment and remuneration, or even with problems such as violence, war, jurisprudence and terror.

The Interdisciplinary Gender Studies network brings together researchers, teachers, students and interested parties. There are regular network meetings, events planning sessions, and action days.

For example, the network prepares the annual science day #4GenderStudies. We would like to discuss together how we can use the science and action day to deal with the special situation in Brandenburg. We invite all of you to participate, especially those who are already informed, but also those who are just starting to deal with gender-relevant issues.

Contact us at ZZ-genderstudiesuni-potsdamde. You can also subscribe to a mailing list to receive further information on events, calls for proposals and projects.