Mediathek unserer SFB1287-Mitglieder

    Introducing - Projekt A02 - Grammatical processing and syntactic change

    Introducing - Projekt B04 - Variability in Turkish-German Bilinguals

    AMLaP 2020 - Posterpresentation from project B01

    Short presentation of the poster on the topic: "Lateralization of prosodic processing in individuals with unilateral brain damage"

    Shravan Vasishth at the 2018 ISBA World Meeting

    This is the talk by Shravan Vasishth at the 2018 ISBA World Meeting, Edinburgh. Title: "Type M error in practice: A case study".

    Pleas click here to view the video.

    Shravan Vasishth - Talk at Michigan Linguistics

    This talk reviews our work in Potsdam on evaluating models of retrieval processes. Title: "Computational models of retrieval processes: an evalutation using benchmark data".