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Twisted Transfers: Discursive Constructions of Corruption in Ancient Greece and Rome (12.-14.04.23)

The Twisted Transfers research group organises a conference (12.-14.04.2023, London) in which various speakers will investigate the multiple sides of corruption in antiquity. A detailed programme can be found here.
Please register for attendance.

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6th Twisted Transfers Workshop - University of Potsdam, 15.-16. December 2022

The 6th Twisted Transfers Workshop will take place at the University of Potsdam,  on the 15th and 16th of December 2022.

On Thursday 15.12. at  6 p.m. the Keynote lecture will be given by Dr Andrew Sanchez  (University of Cambridge), titled:  Systemic Criminality and Capitalism.

If you want to join the Zoom Meeting, please register by sending an email to the chair's office by the 14th of December.

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Corruption as social practice: an interpretive approach - Dr. Lucy Koechlin (Basel) 3rd Workshop Keynote

At the third twisted transfers workshop, the keynote by Dr. Lucy Koechlin  (Universität Basel) „Corruption as social practice: an interpretive approach“ will take place on 10th of June at 6 pm CET s.t. Please register in advance by sending an e-mail to: sekretariat-altertum[at]uni-potsdam.de

For further information, please click here.

„There are few terms that are as loaded as corruption. Wisely, the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, notably all about (preventing) corruption, refrained from a definition and thus allowed the international community to focus on solutions, rather than unproductive definitional blame games between North and South. Although the social sciences have devoted reams of articles to exploring corruption, these are regularly loaded in a similar way; corruption has all too often been conceptualised simplistically, premised on ahistorical, positivist assumptions about social and economic change that evidently do not do justice to empirical complexities. Fortunately, pertinent critiques have contributed to the increasingly conventional acknowledgement of more sophisticated approaches. The argument in this paper zooms in on a particular blind spot to which less attention has been paid. Rather than think about corruption in terms of social change or political economy, corruption will be conceptualised in terms of social practice. An interpretive approach to social practice focuses on the layered meaning-making in context, informed by habits, judgement as well as imagination of social actors.
Drawing on case studies from Tanzania, Kenya and Switzerland, the meanings and actions of social actors will be explored to shed light on how „corruption“ is enacted and evaluated in everyday life. Ultimately, the insights seek to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the social agency of actors through the lens of “corruption”.

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Twisted Transfers at the European Social Sciences History Conference

The 2020 conference of the European Social Sciences History Conference, which has been postponed to March 24-27, 2021, will also take place online. This applies therefore also to the session “Discursive Constructions of Corruption in Ancient Rome”, organised by Prof. Dr. Filippo Carlà-Uhink and Dr. Marta García Morcillo, which is now bound to take place on Wednesday, March 24, 2.30-3.45 pm CET and contains papers by both organisers, Dr. Sema Karatas and Dr. Christian Rollinger. As the timetable of ESSHC is not completely finalised yet, please check their homepage for further information.

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Talk by Filippo Carlà-Uhink at the University of Exeter

On Wednesday, February 3, at 4 pm CET (3 pm GMT) Prof. Dr. Filippo Carlà-Uhink will give a talk within the series of research seminars of the Department of Classics and Ancient History of the University of Exeter. The title of the talk is “‘Environmental Trust’ as Context and Condition for Economic Transactions: The Case of Ancient Rome”. If your are interested to participate, please write an mail to: twistedtransfers(at)uni-potsdam.de!

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Lectures by Cristina Rosillo Lopez and Marta Garcia Morcillo

Our project members Cristina Rosillo Lopez and Marta Garcia Morcillo will give two lectures as part of the New Work on the Roman Republic lecture series. The sessiones will take place on Zoom, registration is requiered.

For further Information click here.

11th March: Marta Garcia Morcillo - Makers, Takers and the Cosntruction of Value in Cicero´s  De Officiis.

29th April: Cristina Rosillo Lopez - Patterns of Decision Making and the Relationship between Magistrates and the Roman Senate in the Second and First c. BCE. 

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2nd Twisted Transfers Workshop - 17th / 18th Dec.

According to the pandemic situation, the second workshop of the DFG project "Twisted Transfers", including the lecture with Prof. Ronald Kroeze (17th December) The Presence of a Past Problem. Corruption in Historical Perspective  was online. Did you miss the lecture? The video is available in our podcast!

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First Research Group Meeting

The first Research Group Meeting has taken place on Friday 5th of june via Zoom. Researchers from London, Potsdam and many other cities and countries were brought together.




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