Lecture Series 2022: Corruption in Antiquity

In the summer term of 2022, the TwistedTransfers Project organised the lecture series "Corruption in Antiquity". Within this set of talks, various aspects of Corruption from Classical Greece to Late Antiquity will be covered. Here you can find the recorded sessions.  


Filippo Carlà-Uhink (Potsdam): "Twisted Transfers" as Corruption - A Model and Its Application to the Study of Cicero's Trail Speeches (19.04.)

Victoria Gleich (Potsdam): Gendered Twisted Gifts and Ancient Greek Prostitution (26.04.)

Antonio Sforacchi - The Rhetoric of Corruption Gift: Creating Paradigms of Interstate Relations from Demosthenes to Plutarch (10.05.2022)

Patrik Sänger (Münster) - Corruption in Greco-Roman Egypt: A View from the Papyri (17.05.2022)

Marta García Morcillo (Roehampton) - Twisted Wills and the Dark Side of Inheritance (31.05.)

Shushma Malik (Roehampton) - Raptor, largitor, pace pessimus, bello non spernendus (07.06.)

Cristina Rosillo-López (Sevilla) - Thinking (and Rethinking) about Corruption in the Roman Republic (21.06.)

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