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Ringvorlesung "The Stars and Antiquity"

The stars have always fascinated humankind and have since the earliest times played a crucial role in human life – looking at them humans could for instance notice the passing of seasons and get oriented when at sea or without any orientation help. Very soon the observation of the stars was connected to religious, philosophical and cosmological beliefs, and astronomy is considered thus to be the first and the oldest of all natural sciences. This cycle of lectures, aimed to a public of both students of Astronomy and of History, will host thirteen lectures by worldwide renowned scholars studying ancient astronomy and the possible use of astronomy for historical and archaeological research. Also astronomers combing data from both ancient and modern sources will provide insights into their research. 

We will learn how Babylonian calendars worked, how the ancient Egyptians looked at the stars, what role astronomy played in the kosmos of ancient Greek philosophy and science, what influence Persian astronomy had on medieval knowledge, what are the basic principles of the discipline known as astroarchaeology, how can ancient observations help us to do modern astrophysics and much more. All lectures will be in English.

It is at the moment foreseen, that most lectures will take place in presence, yet an online attendance is always possible. In both cases, please register by sending an email to:  sekretariat-altertum[at]uni-potsdam.de

An overview of all lectures is available here.

Grabungskampagnen in Bodincomagus / Industria (Italien)


Diese Woche hätte die Grabungskampagne in der antiken Stadt  Bodincomagus / Industria  im heutigen Monteu da Po in der Region Piemont (Italien)  starten sollen, doch musste die Kampagne für das Jahr 2020 gestrichen werden. Die Grabungen werden vom UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology der University of California Los Angeles unter Beteiligung des Lehrstuhls für Geschichte des Altertums der Universität Potsdam geleitet. Prof. Dr. Hans Barnard (UCLA) hat aber auf Öffentlichkeitsarbeit nicht verzichten wollen und ein Video für die Einwohner von Monteu da Po realisiert, das Sie hier sehen können.

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Das Forschungsprojekt  „Twisted Transfers“ (Universität Potsdam - University of Roehampton) stellt sich in einem ersten Video vor. Erfahren Sie dort alles über Sinn und Zweck des Projektes.

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