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Postcolonial Justice: Reassessing the Fair Go

Founded in 1989, the Association for Australian Studies is a politically independent, interdisciplinary organisation devoted in the public interest to furthering scholarship concerned in the broadest way with Australia and to promoting Australian studies, both in teaching and research, in German-speaking countries.

In line with this interdisciplinary approach to Australian Studies, GASt invites panels and papers that address postcolonial justice in Australia. Australia famously considers itself as the country of the ‘fair go’ and yet heated discussions around the notion of justice continue to be fought out in the public domain. Often (though not exclusively) concerned with the legacy of Australia’s colonial past, these debates revolve around questions of obligation and recognition, reparation and restitution, reconciliation and forgiveness. GASt seeks to approach these issues through trans¬disciplinary dialogue, inviting papers from the humanities, the social sciences, history of science and law. Possible contributions may address the following issues, among others:
•    historical perspectives on postcolonial justice and the politics of reconciliation, restitution and retribution, including the legality and legitimacy of colonisation;
•    the (un)just distribution of social, economic and natural resources, challenges and opportunities for sustainable development, and social opportunities in present-day Australia, etc.;
•    postcolonial justice and the law, including land right claims and mining disputes, the history of the civil rights movement in Australia, and the legal ramifications of Kevin Rudd‘s 2008 Apology;
•    literary and artistic articulations and negotiations of rights claims; the role of the arts in remembering and working through historical injustice, etc.
•    the role of the media in human and social rights debates, including analyses of the ways in which media products resist or contribute to inequitable social structures;
•    debates over Australia’s cultural and scientific heritage, including the contested status of Australian objects in European museums, etc.

Please send your proposals by 31st January 2014 to:

Poster Proposals are also welcome.