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Student Project: The Armed Truth - Ukrainian Media Images

Collage made of photos of the exhibition
Photo: Eugen Rube

We cordially invite all interested scholars and enthusiasts to our seminar, “The Armed Truth—Images of the Ukrainian Media.” Since its inception in 2022, both the seminar and the accompanying exhibition have received considerable attention and recognition.

In an era in which information is ever-present, it is of the utmost importance to distinguish that which is authentic from that which is common. This seminar serves as a beacon to guide you through this challenge. Dive deep into the fascinating world of Ukraine's media landscape and explore its intimate connections to the nation's democratic foundation and evolving narrative.

Our goals:

1. to methodically document and critically evaluate the complex relationship between the Ukrainian media, democracy and its national development.

2. to promote media literacy, with a particular focus on documentary journalism, especially in the context of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War (2014—present).

This seminar offers more than just facts; it provides an immersive experience based on rigorous historical scrutiny and scholarly inquiry. By participating, you will gain a deep understanding of Ukraine's challenges and its resilient spirit.

For more details, course content and insights into the accompanying exhibition, please contact Danylo Poliluev-Schmidt or Yevhenii Surniaiev.

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Become part of those who have embarked on this insightful journey!

With kind regards,
The Seminar Team


Published on September 28, 2023