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15. Wildau Library Symposium

TH Wildau Campus
Photo: M. Friel / TH Wildau

On September 12, 2023, the Wildau Library Symposium was once again held as an online conference.

After the welcome address by Dr. Seeliger, Head of the TH Wildau College Library, the discussion was opened. It centred on the following:

Where are the flagships of library work headed? - Library management systems (LMS) and their prospects.

Many libraries are facing new challenges. What expectations should LMS fulfill today and in the future? How they can support us under the pressure of change that is weighing on libraries? Leading experts in the field of commercial and open-source software solutions discussed which factors are considered when choosing a system. This discussion was followed by a debate on topics such as the management of research data, access to electronic resources, digitization, publication support, and data security. Sustainable solutions could secure the future of the library profession in the face of the workforce shortage.

A study project on automatic RVK assignment with Annif from the Library Informatics degree program was then presented. 

Annif is a toolkit developed by the Finnish National Library for the automatic indexing and classification of text corpora. As part of the Library Informatics study program at the Wildau Institute of Technology e. V. (WIT), two project groups are to assign RVK (Regensburg Union Classification) notations to approx. 15,000 theses of the TH Wildau based on their tables of contents using Annif. The presentation gave a brief insight into the work with Annif and reflected the challenges and difficulties associated with it: for example, the selection and evaluation of the test data and the creation of a gold standard.


Contact: Katrin Maximini

Published on November 8, 2023