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"Medal Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego" for Dr. Małgorzata Majewska-Meyers

Dr. Majewska-Meyers giving her speech and receiving the medal
Photo: Łukasz Rongers

The Polonicum Center, a long-time partner of the University of Potsdam and Zessko, celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2021. A ceremony marking this occasion took place on November 26, 2021, in the Hall of Mirrors of Warsaw's Tyszkiewicz Palace, where our long-time colleague, Dr. Małgorzata Majewska-Meyers, was awarded the “Medal UW”: the medal of the University of Warsaw.

This prestigious award is given to honor special merit in the dissemination of academic values, excellent scientific achievements, and outstanding commitment to the field of culture. The medal also honors people whose activities strengthen and promote the academic community of the University of Warsaw and make the University’s name known all over the world.

Other awardees include famous Polish and international politicians, scientists, cultural figures and promoters, such as the former Prime Minister of Poland Tadeusz Mazowiecki, the well-known Polish-English philosopher Leszek Kołakowski, and the Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska.

Now, Dr. Majewska-Meyers, who remained in close contact with her alma mater during her 30 years in Germany, has joined these laureates. During her many years at Zessko, our former colleague put into practice numerous didactic, research, and cultural projects in cooperation with the University of Warsaw. In her acceptance speech, Dr. Majewska-Meyers stressed that not only she but also the University of Potsdam were being honored

We congratulate Dr. Majewska-Meyers on this award, which also honors her work at Zessko, and thank her for her untiring commitment!


Contact: Olga Holland

Originally published on 16 December 2021