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Language in Practice as a Philological Subdiscipline: Old and New Challenges

Article in Fremdsprachen in Lehre und Forschung

Gebert, Doris/Holland, Olga (2021): Sprachpraxis als philologische Teildisziplin – alte und neue Herausforderungen. In: Kirchmeyer, Susanne (eds.): Klassisch - modern - digital: Fremdsprachenunterricht an Hochschulen zwischen Tradition und Moderne. Dokumentation der 30. Arbeitstagung an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Fremdsprachen in Lehre und Forschung (52). Bochum: AKS-Verlag, 414-431.

The introduction of BA and MA programs at the University of Potsdam presented the former Language Center (today: Center for Languages and Key Competences) with the opportunity to reconceptualize its language practice components for programs in philology. Over the years, this opportunity has been accompanied by challenges such as modularization, developing areas of competency in alignment with European standards (CEFR), and defining student workload within the framework of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

In addition, new challenges have arisen in recent years due to three very different developments. The first is a student body that is becoming increasingly heterogeneous, ranging from students without prior knowledge of the language to heritage learners of Russian and Polish. The second comprises the varying required language aptitude levels determined by the different programs in Slavic Studies. The third is new courses of study that combine components of philology with components of other subjects. 


Contact: Olga Holland

Published 8 Dec. 2021