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Student Projects Go Online

Student Projects online
Photo: limaech

Even during the corona pandemic--and especially in times of social isolation--it is important, dear students, to be active and creative. Student projects in Studiumplus will be online in the Summer 2020 semester, so you can work on projects, find like-minded people and

New student projects can be developed for the Winter 2020/2021 semester. A webinar on project management will be made available to those who would like to submit a project proposal.

Additional information on the projects listed above can be found in PULS or on the websites of the projects. Please check with the student project coordinators if German skills are a prerequisite to participate in the project.

If you have any organizational questions, please contact PD Dr. Ljuba Kirjuchina.


Report: L. Kirjuchina

Published: 21 Apr. 2020