The Voltaire Prize for Tolerance, International Understanding and Respect for Differences


Nominate a young researcher for the 5,000 € Voltaire Prize, which is awarded for the scientific examination of the topics of international understanding, tolerance and respect for differences and which honors scientists who are committed to freedom in research and education and advocate freedom of expression. All information on the nomination of a candidate can be found here.


On January 15, 2020 , the University of Potsdam presented the “Voltaire Prize for Tolerance, International Understanding and Respect for Differences” for the fourth time. The € 5,000 prize went to Gábor Polyák. The Voltaire Prize is funded by the Friede Springer Foundation and is awarded annually to one scholar who has demonstrated a commitment to freedom in research and teaching, as well as the right of free expression.

“The selection process this year again showed how, in many countries, the freedom of research and teaching is endangered, does not exist, or has ceased to exist,” says the president of the University of Potsdam, Prof. Oliver Günther, Ph.D.“ It is therefore all the more important that we send a signal with the Voltaire Prize, expressing our gratitude and paying tribute to those who oppose anti-Enlightenment tendencies. This is because the prize does not only pertain to the recipients; it also extends to all of the courageous scholars around the world who say no to totalitarianism and restrictions on the freedom of expression and speech.”

Voltaire mit Tafelrunde
Photo: Wikipedia
The philosopher Voltaire (left) was a frequent guest at Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam (right).