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Digitalization of the administration

Finger points to digitization lettering
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In May 2019, a digitalization strategy for the Central University Administration (ZUV) [as of: 28.06.2019; only in german on the intranet] was adopted. In it, the administration sets itself the goals of

  • to offer essential services in a user-friendly, service-oriented, digital and centralized manner in one place,
  • continuously review and improve processes, make them transparent, and use digital systems to inform all parties involved in the process,
  • to strengthen the digital skills of ZUV employees,
  • create infrastructural and organizational conditions for digital requirements.

The digitization strategy of the Central University Administration (ZUV) forms the basis for the administrative digitization of the University of Potsdam. The strategy primarily defines goals that are to be implemented over the next few years. Based on the strategy, additional players, responsibilities and processes have been named to ensure that the objectives are implemented as smoothly as possible. A steering group was set up to implement the objectives. The steering group deals with fundamental decisions regarding the ZUV's IT and makes recommendations on the prioritization of the administration's IT projects.

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Selection of ongoing projects