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Straßenkreuzung in China
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Why the "Smart Room Mobility"?

The results of representative surveys in Germany clearly show: The majority of Germans see a need for change in mobility and traffic and would also like to change their individual mobility. After all, there are many problems: traffic jams, congested inner cities, environmental pollution, noise or limited mobility options in rural areas. Many questions arise here that need to be answered.
Tomorrow's mobility is a huge playing field for innovative solutions and must be considered from both scientific perspectives and practical perspectives. The University of Potsdam is therefore sponsoring the "Smart Room Mobility" together with Volkswagen AG in order to specialize students in the future field of mobility at an early stage.

How does the "Smart Room Mobility" work ?

The "Smart Room Mobility" supports 20 students financially and ideally in the field of mobility research for one year. This year, the students will receive a Potsdam University scholarship of 300 euros per month. The scholarship holders also develop their scientific as well as practical knowledge in four events per year and refine urgently needed soft skills. In order to become part of the VW Smart Room, students are asked about their interests in the topic of "mobility" when they apply for a university scholarship. Thus, not only the best students, but also the most motivated mobility researchers, especially from the Digital Engineering Faculty and Computer Science, as well as other various subjects, were selected.

The first workshop in the 2021/22 funding year will be held together with scientists from the University of Potsdam and experts from Volkswagen on the topic of "Cybersecurity.


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