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USP Smart Rooms

Smart Rooms Postits on a wall
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What is a Smart Room?

The Smart Room provides funding for ten students from one degree program or from a specific subject area for one year. In close coordination with the USP Smart Room sponsors, the University of Potsdam organizes four continuing education formats for the scholarship holders per year. In these, important theoretical and practical skills that go beyond the curriculum are taught. These can be skills that are urgently needed in a particular professional field and/or knowledge that is intended to deepen the student's knowledge in a particular subject area. Guided by professional coaches and experts, the students are thus offered not only the financial support provided by the scholarship, but also an ideational framework program perfectly adapted to the ideas of the sponsors.

Smart Room Legal Tech

Smart Room Legal Tech

Ten students of law and computer science are working together in the Smart Room Legal tech to meet the challenges of digitalization in the changing legal market.

Smart Room Mobility

The Smart Room Mobility provides 20 students with further training on the topic of future mobility in four workshops per year.

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