Who Can Apply?

Who can apply?

Who do we encourage to apply for a scholarship position?

Is the Germany Scholarship tied to specific disciplines?

Can I apply again after the expiration of my scholarship?

I did not receive a scholarship. Can I apply again?

I am enrolled in my first semester and do not have any academic achievements to report. Can I still apply?

Questions Concerning the Corona Pandemic

Due to the Corona pandemic, I cannot complete my studies in the standard period of study. Can I still receive the Deutschlandstipendium?

Due to the "simplified withdrawal" from exams, my performance summary temporarily shows a "failed". How do I deal with this?

Prospective Students, Students in their Holiday Semester, in an Internship or Shortly before Completing their Studies

When can I apply for the Germany Scholarship?

I have applied for a place at the University of Potsdam, but I am not yet enrolled. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

I have applied for several degree programmes at the University of Potsdam and am waiting for admission. How do I indicate this in the scholarship application?

Next semester, I will be on an internship/vacation semester/abroad semester. Can I apply?

I have only one semester left in the standard period of study. Can I apply?

I am graduating with my Bachelor's degree next semester and starting my Master's degree at UP the following semester. Can I apply?

Other Kinds of Funding

Does the university scholarship count towards the BaföG and can it be combined with other scholarship programmes?

Can I also receive housing allowance and other social benefits in addition to the university scholarship?

Can I continue to receive the university scholarship during a DAAD-funded stay abroad?

I was abroad with the ERASMUS or a DAAD program. Does this count as double funding?

Are parallel scholarships possible?