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Strength diagnostics on the IsoMed2000
Photo: ATB
Strength diagnostics on the IsoMed2000

Division of Training and Movement Science

Research Focus Cognition Sciences

Faculty of Human Sciences

Intra-faculty unit "Cognitive Sciences"

Department of Sport and Health Sciences

Head of division: PD Dr. Moritz Schumann (Substitution)


Research at the Division of Training and Movement Sciences is conducted in the field of sport sciences. The primary aims of our Division are to increase motor performance and to promote public health through physical activity. Our research and scientific priorities include diverse research areas (e.g., health promotion, athletic training, performance assessment) in different populations (e.g., children, young and old adults, and elite [youth] athletes) and diverse settings (e.g., recreational and high-performance sports). Research at the Division of Training and Movement Science is closely oriented to the aims and scope of the Faculty of Human Sciences (Link:

The main research aim is the investigation of muscular strength, power, and balance as well as the development, implementation, and evaluation of measures and procedures to increase motor performance and promote public health and physical activity in a broad population ranging from children to old adults and from untrained to elite athletes recruited from settings such as schools, sport clubs, and health centers.  Targeted interventions to improve measures of balance and muscle strength, power, to optimize training, reduce injuries in different disciplines (e.g., soccer, judo) and to prevent falls in everyday life are the key components of our research projects.

Detailed information on our latest research can be found here. (Link).

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