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Information on Seminar Papers

Information and guidelines on formal design criteria for seminar papers according to the APA-standard can be found via the following links:

APA-standards, German Society of Sport Science

dvs guidelines for APA-standard

At the University of Potsdam all submitted seminar papers are subject to a plagiarism check. For this purpose and as of September 2017, the University of Potsdam uses the Software “PlagAware“.

To this end, it is required that all graduation theses are submitted in electronic form!

The following file types are supported:

  • Microsoft Office-files,
  • Open/Libre-Office-files, and
  • Adobe PDF-files.

The following template shall be used when writing seminar papers:

Template and layout guidelines of seminar papers

Please take notice of the formal layout guidelines in the document!

The following template is to be used for the creation of result records:

Template result record