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Division of Training and Movement Science

Photo Reinhold Kliegl
Photo: private

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kliegl

Senior professor of psychology

Photo Reinhold Kliegl
Photo: private

Research priorities

  • Physical and cognitive fitness
  • Mathematical modeling of fitness-fatigue dynamics
  • Multivariate statistics: Mixed models
  • Eye-movement control during reading
  • Open science


  • Multivariate statistics
  • Good scientific practice

Committee / Advising Board

  • Central Tenure Committee (University of Potsdam)
  • Scientific Advisory Board of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (Bielefeld University)
  • Member of the University Council of University of Osnabrück



Campus Am Neuen Palais
Am Neuen Palais 10
D-14469 Potsdam
Building 12 - Office 1.19


consulting hours
by appointment only