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According to the German Social Code IX (SGB IX), the Representative Body for Severely Disabled Persons is responsible for all needs of people with disabilities. It supports severely disabled employees vis-à-vis the employer, is at their side to help them, and is involved in recruitment procedures.
The severely handicapped employees at the University of Potsdam elect their people of confidence. They form the Representative Body for Severely Disabled Persons, which is responsible for the inclusion of people with disabilities and for prevention at the university’s workplace.
Our basis is the Inclusion Agreement, which aims at an inclusive personnel policy, i.e. supports the participation of people with disabilities in working life, and supports the inclusion and rehabilitation processes within the University of Potsdam. As a collective-law regulation, it includes measures to preserve employment and jobs. It deals with topics such as workplace design or working time regulation for people with disabilities.
In detail, we as the Representative Body for Severely Disabled Persons are trying to provide support concerning the following topics:

    • Involvement and advice in recruitment procedures
    • Advice and support at the workplace
    • Support during reintegration at the workplace after illness or rehabilitation

    • Workplace evaluation, workplace organization and possible redesign of the workplace
    • Accompanying assistance in working life
    • Participation in committees and working groups
    • Consulting and cooperation

    • Recognition of disabilities (applications, objections, identification, compensation for disadvantages)
    • Request for equality
    • Information about internal and external help offers
    • Procurement of external service points for advice and support

You can contact us using the following e-mail address:

Students with disabilities receive support from Robert Meile. He is the contact person and supports students with disabilities with questions concerning
    • study conditions at the University of Potsdam in general,
    • hardship applications and study entry,
    • individual compensation of disadvantages,
    • organization and planning of their studies, and
    • further contact persons.