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Habilitation Committee

Meeting schedules of the current Habilitation Committee


Meeting no.Meeting dateDeadline
(11:00 a.m.)

* Meets only as needed (in the lecture-free periods)


Missing the deadline causes a delay in the submitted procedure because documents that are submitted late cannot be dealt with at the scheduled meeting of the Habilitation Committee.

Habilitation Committee


The members of the Habilitation Committee are also the representatives of their disciplines at their respective departments.

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Andreas Taubert (Institute of Chemistry)

Deputy Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Jens Tronicke (Institute of Geosciences)

Institute of Chemistry

Institute of Mathematics

Institute of Geosciences

Institute of Biochemistry and Biolog

Institute of Physics and Astronomy

Institute of Nutritional Science

Institute of Environmental Science and Geography

Institute of Computer Science



University of Potsdam
Faculty of Science
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