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Examination Boards

§ 2 BAMA-O und BAMALA-O: Examining Boards and Module Commissioners

Excerpt from the General Regulations for Bachelor's and Master's Programmes at the University of Potsdam (BAMA-O and the BAMALA-O), which addresses the tasks of the examination boards.

"(4) The Examining Board ensures that the provisions of these regulations and those of the respective subject-specific regulations are met, and also makes proposals for amendments to these regulations if necessary. The Examining Board is in particular responsible for:

1. Decisions regarding proposals by students or teachers regarding the application of these regulations or those of the relevant course of study,

2. The allocation of courses to a module, and the distribution of credit points assigned to the module (the basis of evaluation here is the proposal of the respective instructor),

3. Appointment of module representatives,

4. Regular reporting to the Faculty, especially to the Study Commission responsible for the course of study or discipline, about its experience with the application of regulations,

5. Recognition and consideration of achievements in studies, grading and examinations,

6. Decisions about the suitability of a vocational education and vocational experience as an admission requirement for Bachelor’s programs under Article 8 (3) of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG),

7. Decisions regarding the admission of applicants to the respective Master’s program."

(§2, Abs. 4, BAMA-O und BAMALA-O)

Tasks of the Examining Boards

There are responsibilities enumerated in the General Regulations that extend beyond Article 2. A compiled list of the "Tasks of the Examining Boards" is available here.