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General information on studying for foreign students as well as information on courses according to the ECTS points system

Contact person for students, staff and visiting scholars for questions regarding Erasmus+ partnerships of the faculty - except Paris Nanterre:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmermann

House 1, Room 3.36
E-Mail: schilleruni-potsdamde
Phone: 0331/977-3516
Fax: 0331/977-3224

Foreign visiting scholars can also contact the  Welcome Center Potsdam.


ECTS Info for Erasmus students

ECTS Info for Erasmus students

Credit points (ECTS) are awarded for successful participation in a course. Successful participation in a course requires the acquisition of a certificate of achievement. This must be assessed with at least "sufficient" (4 points). You must ask the course lecturer for an examination - students at the Faculty of Law only conclude a few lectures directly with an examination.

Each individual course is assigned 1 to 8 credit points per semester hour (SWS), depending on the difficulty and workload. The following types of courses are to be distinguished in the allocation:

Lecture-accompanying working groups:1 credit per SWS
Lecture:1 credit per SWS + 4 credits
Exercise/seminar with term paper:1 credit per SWS + 6
Block seminar with term paper:8 credits


We recommend that you focus on attending lectures, that is where it is easiest for you to gain ECTS.