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Information On The LL.M. Degree

Study Objectives

The Magister legum degree (LL.M.) is an additional program at the Law Faculty of the University of Potsdam for graduates who have successfully completed legal studies, or a comparable subject (business studies, humanities), abroad. This program is meant to familiarize students with the foundations of German law and impart a deeper understanding of the same. This degree program finishes with the Magisterexamination. The Magisterexamination assesses mastery of the main features of German law and the student’s ability to perform independent scholarly work in a selected field of German law. After successfully passing the Magisterexamination, graduates receive the academic degree Master of Law (Magister legum, LL.M.).

With a successful completion of the LL.M. programme, particularly qualified graduates have the opportunity to pursue a doctorate (Dr. iur.) at the Faculty of Law.

The Course of Study

The duration of study is two semesters. During this time, a total of at least 20 semester hours per week must be completed with corresponding certificates of achievement. Students compile their own curriculum and can participate in all courses offered by the Faculty of Law in the respective semester. Participation in a seminar is mandatory. During the course of study, each student is also assisted by a university lecturer as a supervisor. After the end of the study period and presentation of performance records for 20 semester hours per week (including seminar certificate), students are admitted to the Master's examination, which consists of a Master's thesis and an oral Master's examination. The examination procedure is to be completed in a subsequent third semester.

Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of a degree equivalent to German law studies or equivalent studies (economics, humanities) at a university outside the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Sufficient oral and written mastery of the German language
  • Declaration by a university instructor at the Law Faculty that he or she will supervise the applicant  (the applicant must search for a supervisor on their own) (overview of university professors)


The application to the LL.M. program can take place during the summer (application deadline: March 31) or winter semester (application deadline: September 30).

The semester fee for the LL.M. program is approximately € 304, including the semester ticket for Berlin/Brandenburg (last updated: July 2020).

The following documents must be submitted:

Contact details

… at the Law Faculty

Ines Padelt

Campus Griebnitzsee, Haus 6, Raum 0.06
Tel.: +49 (0) 331/977-3589

…… at the Office of Student Affairs

Further Information can be found on the pages of the International Office for international students.

General information about the course of studies for foreign students and information about courses according to ECTS points system

General Information About Courses According To The ECTS Points System

Contact person for students, academic staff and guest researchers for questions within the scope of Erasmus+ Partnerships of the Faculty – except Université Paris Nanterre and Szeged:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmermann

Haus 1, Raum 3.36
Tel.: 0331/977-3516
Fax: 0331/977-3224

Foreign guest researchers can also contact the Welcome Center Potsdam.

ECTS Information for Erasmus Students

Credit points (ECTS) are awarded for the successful participation in a course. The successful participation in a course requires the acquisition of a certificate of achievement. This must be evaluated with at least "sufficient" (4 points). You have to ask the course instructors for an exam - students of the Law Faculty only complete a few lectures with an exam.

Each individual course is assigned 1 to 8 credit points per semester hour (SWS), depending on the difficulty and workload. The following types of courses are to be distinguished in the allocation:

  • Working groups in addition to the lecture: 1 credit point per SWS
  • Lecture: 1 credit point per SWS + 2 credit points
  • Exercise/Seminar with a homework: 1 credit point per SWS + 6 credit points
  • Block seminar with a homework: 8 credit points

We recommend you to focus on the attending of lectures. This ist the easiest way for you to get the ECTS.