Chair of Psychology for Primary Education

The Chair
Photo: Karla Fritze

The research interests of the chair of Psychology for Primary Education lie in the field of Empirical Educational Research and deal with concepts of teaching and learning in the context of primary school. These are, in particular, the topics of development and fostering of the reading competence, inclusive primary school education, as well as the transfer from empirical research results to the actual practice of facilitating the learning process in schools.

The theoretical basis of our works is built on models of self-regulated learning, development of competences in the context of school and the facilitation of skills through social learning processes, as well as learning processes conducted by teachers.

The chair of Psychology for Primary Education conducts academic training for students in the Bachelor's-Master's Program, specifically in the field of primary school education.


The main focus in our seminars is the teaching of knowledge about and the ability to perform in the field of primary school teaching and learning. Thus, for example, we reflect, in addition to approaches on the facilitation of competences and theories along with results regarding co-operative and self-regulated learning, also upon the methods and concepts of research on primary education.