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Studying healthy at the University of Potsdam

Feel Good Coach - Fördere die Gesundheit der Studis an deiner Uni.
Photo: Feel Good Campus

What is a Feel Good Coach?

As a Feel Good Coach, you support students at the University of Posdam in strengthening their individual skills and resources and make the university campus healthier and health-conscious. As a guide, contact person and advisor, you promote the health of students on the one hand and stimulate health-conscious thinking on the other.

For this purpose, you will learn many skills during our training, get the most theoretically sound knowledge at your fingertips as well as the opportunity to open up the space of health promotion and actively participate in shaping it.

What does the Feel Good Coach training include?

Five modules await you in our free training course.
We start with a basic unit to introduce students to health management. There are also modules on the basics of communication, conversation, conflict resolution, exercise and mental health. The modules are held on three days in April or May. As the last module, you will support the Feel Good Team at the Feel Good Week, where you will complete the practical part of the training. The Feel Good Week is scheduled for 05. 06. 2023 to 09. 06. 2023.
Finally, there will be a certificate from the University of Potsdam.

Module 1: Student Health Management

Module 2: Communication and Conversation

Module 3: Mental Health

Module 4: Movement

Module 5: Feel Good Week

How could I apply?

You should be interested in the topic of health, prevention and promotion as well as want to introduce them to other students. In addition, you must be a registered student at the University of Potsdam and at best study psychology, sports or something similar.

You had to send us your CV and a letter of motivation (maximum 500 words) by e-mail to until 03.31.2023, why you would like to become a Feel Good Coach! There are no costs for this training.

Why Feel Good Coaches?

The Feel Good Campus, as Student Health Management at the UP, aims to encourage students in health-conscious behaviour and thinking and to provide optimal support in the healthy handling of their studies. This requires trained supervisors who are able to integrate projects and measures in close proximity to students.

The Feel Good Coach works closely but independently with the Feel Good Campus to make student health management more visible and to develop support and participation in the improvement of university structures.

Any questions? You can send an email to always .

Participation in the training also includes the obligation to work as a Feel Good Coach for at least one semester. Work as a Feel Good Coach can be compensated after successful training.