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Dein Studi-Pausenexpress
Photo: Feel Good Campus

Moving and relaxing break during the courses

With the Studi-Pausenexpress, the Feel Good Campus of the University of Potsdam is once again bringing a breath of fresh air and new energy to university teaching in the summer semester of 2021!

What is the digital Studi-Pausenexpress?
The offer includes short and energizing videos (5-7 minutes), which can be played in the middle of a (digital) course to encourage students to take an active break.

Why integrate active breaks into university teaching?
When students' heads are hanging low and attention is waning, this little energy booster is just the right thing. That's when it's time to stand up, stretch, mobilize and take a deep breath - everything right from home and without changing clothes. Mobilizing exercises and relaxation methods promote concentration and improve individual well-being. Motivation, attention and inner satisfaction are supported and provide the framework for inspiring, effective and successful university teaching.

What's new?
For the first time in the summer semester of 2021, there will be an option to use either the established activating videos (Active Pause) or our new student relaxation videos (Relaxed Pause).
The links below will take you to one of each of our videos:

Active Break
Relaxed Break

To sign up:
If you would like to integrate the digital Studi-Pausenexpress into your course, you can register for free using the registration form on our website. You will then receive a confirmation email with the necessary access data to log in on this page via the login for teachers. Here you get free access to our videos.

Voices from digital teaching in the summer semester 2020




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