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Master course Toxicology

International course! Language of instruction: English.

Toxicolgy I Master

Lectures "Principles in experimental animal toxicity testing"

Lectures of the module "Principles in experimental animal toxicity testing" provide theoretical knowledge on the basics of animal experimentation. The following knowledge is imparted: Biology and ethology of mice and rats, species-appropriate husbandry and nutrition of laboratory animals, anatomy of  laboratory rodents, experimental methods, analgesia, anesthesia and euthanasia, diseases of laboratory animals and hygiene monitoring, genetics, legal background in dealing with experimental animals and in conducting animal studies, alternatives to animal testing.

Practical course

The block course "Laboratory Animal Science" provides the practical basics of animal experimentation in a one week full-time practical training. The following skills are intensively trained:

  • Behavior of mouse and rat,
  • Severity assessment,
  • Laboratory animal husbandry, identification of experimental animals,
  • Handling and fixation of mice and rats,
  • Phenotyping methods (including NMR, ITC, metabolic cages),
  • Application and injection techniques,
  • Surgical techniques,
  • Euthanasia,
  • Dissection,
  • Sample collection and diagnostics.