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EDUC-SHARE combines knowledge transfer and innovative research practices on a European level—while strengthening local ties and participation processes

With a main focus on research, knowledge transfer and citizen engagement, EDUC-SHARE developed and strengthened the research network within the European Digital UniverCity (EDUC), expanding both the thematic collaboration of the six EDUC member universities and locally existing research and participatory structures.

It was funded for an initial period of three years (2021-24) within the Horizon 2020 program "Science with and for Society" (Swafs), the overall coordination lying with EDUC-Rennes. The University of Potsdam is home to the "Citizen Engagement" part, on which you can find more information below.

Knowledge transfer and innovative research networks

Knowledge emerges in diverse ways in different contexts and disciplines. EDUC-SHARE believes that a successful collaboration between these different perspectives can contribute to tackle the complex interrelations and central challenges of our time.

EDUC-SHARE therefore strengthened inter- and transdisciplinary research, opening EDUC partner universities for joint research and innovation in terms of structure and content. As a first step, seminars took place within the European Digital UniverCity since March 2021 until early 2024. These explored mutual research interests and structurally promoted possible research partnerships under thematic focal points.
Further steps within EDUC-SHARE included the development of a joint research agenda, open science and citizen science approaches, the opening up of research infrastructures and involvement in the HRS4R process for all partners. In order to continue tackling global challenges, stabilise knowledge transfer and open up attractive career and further training opportunities for researchers, structural work in the area of research and innovation will be expanded through the subsequent "EDUC-WIDE" project.

Research seminars with seven thematic focal points

Open Science & Citizen Engagement

In addition to fostering vivid and innovative research networks, EDUC-SHARE simultaneously aimed at engaging local innovation and governance structures, policy makers and, most importantly, citizens— with a focus on youth.

EDUC-SHARE thus developed an alliance-wide open science and citizen engagement strategy and continues to actively incorporate these starting points into existing local structures. With an action plan for events and new study and research formats, science is increasingly being thought about and opened up with and for society.


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EDUCast - The Podcast of EDUC-SHARE

With our podcast series, you will have the opportunity to meet several researchers from our partner universities and to discover exciting research and innovation topics and their links with society

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Impressions of past events

Weingut der Partner-Universität Pécs

Wine & Knowledge - Vine research in Hungary

As part of the European University Alliance EDUC, researchers from the University of Pécs were guests at the University of Potsdam in October 2023.