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Teacher's Journey

Internationalise your teaching and research within EDUC... or beyond!

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Get to know the Teacher's Journey

The Teacher's Journey is the support programme you have been waiting for to help you internationalise your teaching within the EDUC Alliance.

We know that the diversity of ideas and projects for internationalising academic work is immense. That is why we have created a flexible programme that adapts to the needs and interests of our teaching and research community.

As our motto says: "Your world just got bigger".  This is true whether you are interested in embarking on the adventure of internationalising your teaching, or whether you are an experienced teacher who wants to explore new horizons. We want to support you on your own journey into the world of EDUC. This support will be tailored to your own needs. We have created a shared virtual space in EDUC Moodle for all our EDUCators. There you can introduce yourself to the community, share your ideas for internationalisation projects, meet and get in touch with EDUCators like you who may be looking for partners for a collaborative project, and find professional development opportunities that will help you develop or strengthen the skills needed to facilitate digitally mediated intercultural learning processes. Through this virtual space, our communication will be more fluid and direct. Internationalisation experts will give you feedback on the project proposals you deposit in the platform. You will learn about the benefits and funding programmes we have available to help you realise your projects.
We understand the complexity of internationalising education projects, so we have done our best to streamline the content for you. We hope that this will make your adventure in EDUC even more rewarding and wish you a good journey!

8 excellent reasons to collaborate through EDUC

  • Deposit your project when you are ready - No dealine! We analyse projects 4 times a year
  • Get feedback, be retained, be supported
  • Receive pedagogical and technical support
  • Access match-making tools to find teaching partners
  • Live a collaborative experience
  • Give your project international outreach
  • Discover new ways to engage your students
  • Benefit from financial support through teaching-load reduction or incentives. Possibility to receive HR benefits, incentives or teaching discharge (eligibility to be checked with local EDUC team as this is university-dependent)

7 key steps to internationalise your course easily with EDUC

Möglicher Ablauf in 7 Schritten
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I can benefit from the support of the EDUC teams at every phase of my project!​


1. What kind of benefits are there for me if I choose to apply for developing courses through EDUC?

2. What is the purpose of the program?

3. Can I apply with my existing course which I will develop or is it a must to apply with a completely new project idea?

4. I don't have a partner I can collaborate with. Is it still possible to apply my project idea?

5. Does the Program fund physical mobility, too?

6. I'm PhD student. Is it possible for me to participate in the call?

7. I logged in to EDUC Moodle as described in the call to participate in the Teacher's Journey and am already part of its virtual space. What other steps should be taken?

8. I have a great project idea that I want to create alone. Is it possible?

9. I have been contacted by one of the teachers of the Alliance and we want to collaborate through EDUC. What steps should be taken?

10. What is the method of selecting proiects and when they will be available?

11. What kind of methodological and technical support can I receive throughout the development of the course?

12. Where should I develop my course and where will they be offered?

13. Who can I turn to when I have trouble in connection with understanding course development through EDUC? Where can I find more information?

Contact person for questions regarding the EDUC offer for researchers:

Katharina Kloss

Projekt Managerin EDUC
Tel.: +49 331 977 113180

Contact person for questions regarding the EDUC offer for teachers:

Giovanni Fonseca

Pedagogical Engineer
Tel.: +49 331-977-153041

Contact person for questions related to the initiation of COIL teaching projects:

Portrait Frederic Matthé

Frederic Matthé

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Koordinator
Tel.: +49 331 977-1784