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Connecting the Research Community with EDUC-WIDE

Kick-off Meeting
Photo: David Molnar

With EDUC-WIDE, we develop cooperation mechanisms within EDUC that fuel the joint and local institutional reform programmes of nine universities in the EDUC alliance. We aim to create an environment that nurtures excellence by rewarding openness, quality, impact and diversity.

EDUC-WIDE facilitates upgrading the R&I culture of the EDUC alliance to match the current priorities of the European Research Area (ERA) by:

  • emphasising Open Science as part of the R&I culture of EDUC and raising awareness in the mindset of EDUC researchers;
  • facilitating a reform of research assessment to recognise diversity and maximise the quality and impact of research;
  • opening varied career tracks to researchers and reducing inter-sectorial barriers;
  • supporting the exchange of researchers and their ideas, creating new R&I directions contributing to Green and Digital Transition in Europe, the Cancer Mission and the UN SDGs.

A special focus lies on the “Widening partners” (see below) to reduce gaps within the European Research Area. Nevertheless, EDUC-WIDE will create mutual benefits for the “Widening partners” and “Advanced partners” through talent circulation, knowledge transfer, and the introduction of advanced R&I practice and policies across the EDUC alliance.

Four Core Topics and their Dedicated Expert Groups in EDUC-WIDE

Open ScienceResearch AssessmentCareer DiversityR&I Collaboration
  • Open Access and Fair Data
  • Citizen Science and Science Diplomacy
  • Open Infrastructure and Open Source
  • CoARA
  • Expert Skills
  • Researcher Awareness
  • National Systems
  • Career Advisory Services
  • Implementing Gender Equality Plans
  • Research Management
  • Training
  • EDUC R&I Fellowships
  • Seed Projects
  • Engaging with Regional Ecosystems
  • Access to Research Infrastructures
Open Science Expert Group (OSEG)Research Assessment Expert Group (RAEG)Career Diversity Expert Group (CDEG)Expert Group on Research Infrastructures (EGRI)

Nine European Universities in the EDUC-WIDE Consortium

Universities in the EDUC-WIDE Consortium
Picture: EDUC

Widening Partners:

  • Masaryk University (Czech Republic)
  • University of Pécs (Hungary)
  • Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (Ukraine)

Advanced Partners:

  • University of South-Eastern Norway (Norway)
  • University of Cagliari (Italy)
  • Jaume I University (Spain)
  • University of Potsdam (Germany)

Associated Advanced Partners:

  • Paris Nanterre University (France)
  • University of Rennes (France)
Universities in the EDUC-WIDE Consortium
Picture: EDUC