The Educards project

Implementing the European student card in the EDUC alliance

In the spirit of the digital alliance and innovative approach, the Educards project implements the European Student Card (ESC) to the universities in the EDUC consortium, as a first step to digitize all administrative procedures related to Erasmus student mobilities.

What is the European Student Card?

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The ESC is a digital framework which allows the students to use their current card, be it ISIC, university card or other, to access facilities and services at the host university in the same fashion as the local students do, thus minimizing the administrative effort and paperwork. Via this process, the visiting student will have an established digital identity in the information system of the host university, making the whole transition process easier for all parties involved.

The approach of the partners will make it possible to transpose this experience so that other higher education institutions can benefit from its results. Ultimately, we hope that the 160,000 students of the EDUC alliance will benefit from the European student card and will have easy access to various services within EDUC universities, thus allowing a simplified management of their student paths on a European scale. The EduCards project is a strategic partnership project (KA203) funded by the European Erasmus + programme.

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Educards project structure

Activities of the Educards project


    Dates and timeline

     Project dates: September 2019 to August 2022

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