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Summer Schools

Whether on-site, digitally or in a blended learning format: the summer schools of our EDUC Alliance partner universities in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Spain and France promote international exchange between students with a duration of one to six weeks. You can attend language courses or expand your knowledge on a wide range of specialist topics in a very individual way. Finally yet importantly, you will gain unique insights into other lifestyles and cultures.

Here we present the summer schools of our partner universities and the joint offers of the EDUC Alliance. As a student of the University of Potsdam, you can apply for all of these offers. Please note the different application modalities.

Summer Schools of our EDUC-Partner Universities

Scholarships available as long as the courses are announced here!

The language of instruction in all courses is English, thus language skills of at least level B2 are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Can I have the courses recognized at the University of Potsdam?

Are grades awarded during the summers schools?

You have further questions about EDUC Summer School offers?

Judith Rode

EDUC Summer School Manager
Tel.: +49 331 977 124427