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Katerina Suverina, Ph.D.

Lehrbeauftragte (Scholar at Risk)


                         Mail: nerevusss@gmail.com            

                         Sekretariat: +49 331 977-150101 (Haus 1, Raum 0.07)
                                                   Herr Eugen Rube

Katerina Suverina is the editor of the publishing program at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and t at The Garage Journal. Her doctoral research focuses on representations of Post-Soviet cultural trauma in contemporary Russian cinema. She was a guest lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, and at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, teaching courses on historical trauma, gender studies, and the sociology of contemporary art. She is a co-founder of Public History Laboratory, Moscow, and a co-editor of Politics of Affect: The Museum as a Public History Space (2019), co-author of the chapter ‘Gender, Sexuality and Queer studies’ in the book All in The Past: Theory and Practice of Public History. She is currently working on a project about the cultural history of HIV/AIDS  and neo-imperial biopolitics in the late USSR and Russia.