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Research and Teaching Profile


  • Research on local governance, local democracy and participation in Germany and in European comparison
  • Research on local integration policy of migrants in Germany and other European countries
  • Research on the effects of functional and territorial reforms in the German federal state of Brandenburg, in comparison with other German federal states and other European countries
  • Research on German public administration, in particular on the level of the Länder and the municipalities (emphasis on modernization of administration, administrative transformation in East Germany and other European states)
  • Research on the change processes in the European Union, in particular on the Mem- ber States in Central Europe and on the sub-national or local level in EU-Member States.


Membership of Professional Bodies

  •  Executive Board member of the Institute for Local Studies at University of Potsdam;
  • Co-Chair of the Permanent Study Group of the European Group of Administrative Sci- ence “Local governance and democracy”;
  • Member of the German Association for Political Sciences;
  • Member of the German Eastern Europe Research Society,
  • Member of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Member of the Thematic Network Public Administration (TNPA).


Member of Scientific Advisory Boards

  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board of the Yearbook of European Integration Adam- Mickiewicz-University Poznań (Poland);
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board of the Journal Stosunki Międzynarodowe (Inter- national Relations Journal) of the Institute of International Relations at the University Warzaw (PISM) (Poland);
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board of the Studies of Transition States and Societies at University Tallinn (Estonia);
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board of the journal „Vestnik Politologia“ of the Peo- ple’s friendship Moscow (Russia);
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board of the journal “Critical Studies” Poznan (Poland);
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board of the journal “WeltTrends”, Potsdam.

Teaching Experience Abroad

  • Full visiting Professor at Adam-Mickiewicz-University Poznań (Poland) (Summer Term 2015);
  • Permanent guest lecturer at Adam-Mickiewicz-University Poznań (Poland) (since 2003), Charles University Prague (Czech Republic) (since 2012), Russian People’s Friendship University Moscow (Russia) (since 2010);
  • Lecturing at Russian Academy of State Service at the President of the Russian Federa- tion Moscow (Russia) (1995, 2009, 2010), University St. Petersburg (Russia) (1996), University of Lund (Sweden) (1999), University of Vaasa (Finland) (2001), University Complutense Madrid (Spain) (2001, 2002, 2012, 2016), University Tilburg (Nether- lands) (2015); ERASMUS-University Rotterdam (Netherlands) (2003), Universität Umea (Schweden) (2003, 2004, 2005).